Monday, June 21, 2010


Bryan Clark, a 58-year-old logistics company manager from Portsmouth, England.
Over the last four years, the 58-year-old Clark has travelled around the globe to watch North Korea play their World Cup qualifiers — even taking in games in Pyongyang during a organised tour.

"I was present when the Chollimas qualified for the World Cup following their draw with Saudi Arabia in Riyadh," said Clark, who is British.

"I was the only North Korean fan in the ground and was surrounded by 65,000 Saudi supporters as I waved my DPRK flag and cheered."
I wonder what Mr, Clark thought of today's lopsided match with Portugal?

UPDATE: Mr. Clark has got to be better than the Chinese "volunteers," allegedly imported to cheer for the DPRK. At least he comes by his support for the DPRK honestly.

UPDATE II: It turns out that the North Koreans aren't the only ones who hire foreigners to make appearances.

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