Friday, January 20, 2012


North Korean defectors are seeking to bring about change in North Korea using Choco Pies.
A group of North Korean defectors launched balloons carrying chocolate-covered snack cakes into the communist state Friday, as they wished their compatriots well ahead of the Lunar New Year's holidays.

More than 20 members of various defector groups filled 20 large balloons with 100 kilograms of Choco Pies on Ganghwa Island, west of Seoul, and launched them into the air from two separate locations.

An interesting idea. But haven't they watched JSA?
Lee Byung-hyun: Hyeong…

Song Kang-ho: Thing is, I don’t understand why we can’t make stuff like this in our country.

LBH: Hyeong… hey, you don’t want to go down South? I mean, you could stuff yourself full of choco-pies.

[uncomfortable silence]

LBH: Geez, forget it then.

SKH: Listen, you little bastard, I’m just going to say this once so listen good. I dream of a day when our country will make cookies that taste a thousand times better than South Korean cookies. Got it? But until then, I have no choice but to dream about these cookies.

LBH: Ah, let’s forget about it. You’re all talk anyway…

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