Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Now things are getting interesting (link to pics found here).

Of course what will be really interesting is if we see an "Occupy P'yôngyang" movement. The KCNA publishes opinions and observations that might not be too incongruous with what has been seen on signs of various "Occupy ____" movements

There is no doubt that capitalism is waning. It is on its decline and our leaders are unable to take any measure to stop it.

They are increasing credit loans as a relief measure but the capitalist system is getting weak day by day.

The loan of the rich is gradually on the increase and the surplus fund is used for speculation.

The customers are mired in evil cycle of debt and politics have become hollow unable to advance any creative initiative.
But I somehow doubt that the DPRK would welcome large numbers of protestors with "V for Vendetta" masks in front of Kumsusan Memorial Palace.

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