Monday, July 13, 2009


I am spending most of my time in Korea in libraries, archives, and bookstores. But a guy's gotta eat. I decided to chronicle at least some of my meals with my camera. As will become immediately apparent, it is probably good that Kathy and the kids aren't with me. Not sure how much of this stuff they would want to eat.

Shrimp fried rice

Pibimpap (a.k.a bibimbap): rice with mixed veggies

Getting ready for some grilled meat

Rice and curry

The restaurant helpfully informs its patrons that it uses only beef from Australia (none of that mad cow-inducing American stuff)

Chapchae (Japjae)

Spicy squid and rice

Chinese-style noodles with axle-grease (Chajangmyon). I still can't figure out how Koreans can consume all of the sauce in the bowl with only chopsticks. I think it is in the slurping technique; I'm just not aggressive enough.

Like its American counterpart, Korean Pepsi has adopted the Obama Hope&Change logo


Cold noodles (Naengmyon)

Hey, it just sounded good. So sue me ....

Surprisingly palatable


  1. So, the Mexican definitely looks good, but so did that noodle dish until you noted it has axle-grease in it. Do they really call it that? And where is the ketchup for the fried rice?

  2. The official name for the axle-grease noodles is "Chajangmy├┤n" (Noodles with bean sauce). It is surprisingly good. The ketchup for the fried rice was applied afterward (doesn't look so good on camera).

  3. I thought everything posted looked quite yummy -with the possible exception of the spicy squid (would depend on *how* spicy). Oh and the 'hmmmmmmm' - what *was* that? I've eaten most of what you posted. Liked it too. :-)